Three Reasons Why Visit or Retire in Baguio City

The Cold Weather
Baguio remains the place to be (particularly) during the warmest months of the year; it retains its allure as THE Summer Capital of the Philippines. Where people find refuge during the continuous torrent of heat days on summer months. On such days - it is guaranteed: the temperature is always better in Baguio. A migrant friend of mine from Germany actually described our weather as "eternal spring." Because of its high elevation, the temperature in the city is usually 8 degrees Celsius (46 degree Fahrenheit) lower than the adjoining lowland locations. The average temperature is from 15-23 degrees Celsius (59-73 degrees Fahrenheit), with the coldest days occurring from November to February.

The Green Setting
Baguio is always described as a green city because of the multitude of pine trees spread over most locations and the grass ground cover here remains plentiful. The city downtown has little of these, as it has been built upon; but patches of green remain therein--particularly in Burnham Park which endures as our "breathing space" right in the heart of downtown. One used to be able to smell the refreshing aroma of the pine trees while enjoying a ride in the heavily wooded locations; but the scent of the trees is no longer as prominent due to the dwindling number of trees.

The Leisurely Mood
Planned by Chicago Architect Daniel Burnham in 1906, Baguio was designed as a city for 25,000 residents; this is the reason why the roads are rather narrow and the city is relatively small. It is because of this "intimate essence" in scale that a leisurely mood is induced upon its occupants. A good reason why , one may opt to raise a family here; shunning the "rat-race" state-of-mind that pervades highly-urbanized locations such as Metro Manila. Despite the temptation of better opportunities elsewhere, One may opt to stay in this "quaint and sleepy little town" where people are relaxed most of the time and commune with nature.

Just come and visit, and find out for yourself what you have been missing all these years.

*Photo by Johann Viloria The Philippines' Largest Multiple Listing Service
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