Come Home to Mountain House Baguio

Breathe in the Crisp Mountain Air and savor the breath-taking views amidst the foggy hills of Mountain House Baguio and the serene neighborhoods  of your own home.


Bask in the lush greenery of the forest that surrounds your home ,as birds fly over chirping melodic songs. Your home is gently set against the captivating hillside background of every home.

The surroundings allow you to have an active lifestyle, as well as enjoy various outdoor activities with your family and friends.


Owning a property at Mountain House Baguio gives you the privilege of relishing the natural wonders that envelopes the mountain vistas. From the lush trees to the Fog and wide array of birds, these wonders and more await you at Mountain House Baguio. The Philippines' Largest Multiple Listing Service
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